Nieuws - 27 januari 2005

Student accommodation

Despite all the protests at the beginning of the academic year about housing shortages, the current student-housing situation is well under control. Jan Harkema of SSHW wants to dispel the panic that the student actions last September may have caused. The proof, according to Harkema, is that all first-year students had a roof over their heads by 1 February of this year. At present, SSHW even has forty rooms standing empty. There is unlikely to be a shortage of accommodation in Wageningen next year. With the move of Hogeschool Diedenoort to Amersfoort and Nijmegen, extra rooms are likely to become available. When the Deventer location of Larenstein School of Professional Education moves to Wageningen in 2006 the situation may change. And the numbers of incoming international students look set to continue to grow, which could result in a shortage of rooms in about two years’ time. The SSHW plans to build a number of small-scale accommodation complexes to house up to one thousand extra students.