Nieuws - 15 april 2010

Student accommodation buildings in Wageningen get a 7 out of 10

Tenants of the Wageningen student accommodation provider Idealis are positive about security in student accommodation. They are less satisfied with the bicycle storage facilities. These are some of the findings from the annual Idealis survey.

The residents of the rather alternative student accommodation centre Droevendaal are the most enthusiastic about their living conditions. They give an average of 8 out of 10, and no less than a 9 for the scene and general atmosphere. The Bornsesteeg scores lowest. Its foreign residents give the accommodation a 6.5 for the general quality of living conditions. The international students on the Haarweg road are most satisfied, giving a healthy 7.
More than three quarters of those surveyed give a 7 or more for the quality of life in their student accommodation. Less than 10 per cent give a score of 5 or less (an 'insufficient mark'). The average mark Dutch tenants give is 7+. Foreign tenants are slightly less satisfied; they don't go any further than a 6.5. These results are very much in line with previous years.
In general, it is the security in and around the buildings which scores particularly high. The bicycle storage facilities at a number of buildings get an insufficient mark. 'There is often not enough space', explains Idealis member of staff Wim van Alphen. That is why the caretakers are starting to remove old abandoned bikes more frequently. Idealis is also looking at the options for improving the storage facilities.
The lowest scores are given for the way in which Idealis deals with nuisance caused by other residents. It also turns out that residents are unfamiliar with the procedures for dealing with nuisance.