Nieuws - 6 januari 2011

Student accommodation at Kortenoord

Student accommodation provider Idealis plans to build 19 student housing units in the new district of Kortenoord. They will be 'spacious and environmentally friendly' according to Idealis' list of key objectives for 2011. The units are intended to house 95 undergraduates and PhD students.

In building the new units, Idealis is taking the findings of last year's housing survey into account. Students said then that they preferred to live in small groups and wanted to share a kitchen, shower and toilet. They vary in their requirements regarding room size and price but self-contained accommodation is not so popular at the moment.

The new district of Kortenoord will be built west of the Kortenoordallee road. This area was occupied until recently by the buildings of the university entomology, virology and phytopathology groups.  The 5.5 metre high vase that stood on the lawn in front of the lab building will be a landmark for the district. The glass mosaics by the artist Wim Mulder will also be kept.