Nieuws - 20 januari 2005

Stuck in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan PhD student Banda Adhikarinayake, who had hoped to graduate on 14 January, is unable to leave Sri Lanka as a result of the effects of the recent tsunami. According to Adhikarinayake’s promotor, Professor Joachim Müller of the Farm Technology Group, the PhD candidate could not get a visa on time because the Dutch embassy was too busy with disaster relief. A spokesman for the embassy confirmed that the visa department was closed for a time to give priority to the Dutch victims of the disaster, but opened again on 10 January. Adhikarinayake, who was on the west coast when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka, did research on methods to raise the income of poor rice growers in Sri Lanka, a subject that has become even more pressing after the damage caused by the tsunami to the rice fields on the island. / HB