Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Stricter supervision for PhDs

Stricter supervision for PhDs

Stricter supervision for PhDs

PhD students in Wageningen should be given a binding decision as to whether
they may continue their research after their first year.

This is the reaction of the University Board to a memorandum from the
Workgroup for young Researchers. The memorandum contains suggestions for
ways to speed up the time it takes for Dutch PhD researchers to graduate.
At present the average is five and a half years, and the aim is to bring
this down to four years, as that is the period for which AIOs receive an
allowance. The Wageningen PhD students’ group PromoV is not altogether
happy with the memo: the problem does not always lie with the student, but
also with the supervisor. PromoV would like to see more people than just
the supervisor involved in assessing objectively whether a PhD student
should continue after the first year. The Workgroup would also like to see
more training for supervisors.


Wageningen UR has a new promotional gift – an umbrella with the Wageningen
UR logo on it.

Staff and students are all entitled to one of the free umbrellas, which
have been issued to mark the new house style and to mark the fact that the
five sciences groups fall under one organisation. One reaction from the
Environmental Sciences group was that it was a good gesture in a time of
cutbacks, and an appropriate time of the year to hand out an umbrella.
Staff at the Social Sciences Group will have to wait a bit longer, as this
group will not go over to the new house style until the end of October. It
is not clear yet when and how students will receive their umbrella.


Movie W

The alternative movie house in Wageningen is back in a new location
(Lawickse Allee 13). According to those who went to a test preview, there
is more leg room and better sound. You can find the programme on

‘Children’s book week’

Saturday, 4 October, 11.00, in the public library. Performance of Peter and
the Wolf for children aged 4 – 10. See for more
activities (1 – 11 October).

Quiz night

Every Tuesday evening, 20.00 in Café Tuck, Salverdaplein. General knowledge
questions are posed in English and Dutch. Winners receive drinks vouchers.
Fun to play in a group.

Riddim Explosion

For those who enjoyed the party last week, there’s a ragga and reggae night
on Thursday 9 October, 23.00 at Unitas, Gen. Foulkesweg 74.