Nieuws - 8 maart 2012

‘Stress from what I do besides my studies'

What does the life of a modern student look like? At Resource's request, Daan van Vliet, second year student of Biotechnology, kept track of exactly how he spent his time for one week.

Daan van Vliet: 'Watching TV is dumb.'
Was it a typical week?
‘No, it wasn't. I did less studying than I usually do. This time I spent four hours of the weekend studying, but I usually study twice as much, not counting lectures. This was the first week of the new study period. Then you still have to get going.'
Do you always spend that much time on Pulse?
‘It was the launch week of student union Pulse, and I wanted to contribute to that. But that was an incidental extra.'
Anything else about this week that was unusual?
‘I had bought a new guitar, so I spent a lot of time on that. It took me one and a half hours to string it. I also practised a lot for a performance with my band. We usually practise on Wednesday evenings, but the drummer had fallen and hit his head.'
Do you never watch TV?
‘No, watching TV is dumb and a waste of time. We only have three channels at Droef and I don't even know how the telly works. Occasionally I watch at a friend's place if we are tired after a lecture.'
What course are you doing at the moment?
‘Cell Physiology and Genetics. It's a nice course and you have a bit more independence than in most courses. So more independent study.'
Likely to need an extension for your degree?
‘No, I am right on schedule.'
Do your studies stress you out?
‘Not really, I get more stressed from what I do alongside my studies. You have to keep an overview, and do a lot of little things. My degree programme is very clearly structured, though, and I can work with that very well. I can cope with it and I like it, so it doesn't take it out of me to make an effort for it.'
Fixed extracurricular activities?
‘I play in a band, and we practise every Wednesday. I earn some money from taking school students around who are visiting for a day. Every Monday I go to the members' evening at Unitas.'
‘Yes, my grade average is an 8 and I always aim at a 10. For the science subjects, at least. For communication I put the most time into the report. For the exam it's just a question of writing an awful lot.'
Agenda Daan
Monday 13
07.30 get up, set up Pulse promotion campaign in Forum
09.30 breakfast
10.15 lecture at the Dreijen
12.30 flyering for Pulse
13.15 lecture at the Lebo
15.15 shopping
16.00 lunch
16.45 computer
17.30 buy, cook and eat dinner
20.45 have a beer, listen to music, play guitar with friend
22.00 to café Daniels, behind the bar for Unitas
01.30 bake bread
Tuesday 14
09.00 get up, breakfast, read, do the laundry
10.15 lecture at the Dreijen
12.30 lunch
13.45 shopping for Pulse at Arion
15.15 email
16.15 thesis fair at the Forum
16.50 sauna in Lunteren with my girlfriend
01.00 go to bed
Wednesday 15
08.30 get up, breakfast, email
10.15 lecture at the Dreijen
12.15 lunch
13.15 lecture at the Lebo
15.15 email, computer, play guitar
18.00 dinner, listen to music and have a beer with a friend
22.30 karaoke with Alchimica study association at Annie's bar
00.30 bake bread, go to bed
Thursday 16
09.15 get up, breakfast
10.00 pick up visiting secondary school students, lecture at the Dreijen
12.15 lunch with the visiting students
13.50 practical in the Forum
16.30 tea with visiting student, tidy up, play guitar
18.15 cook and eat dinner
19.10 Pulse café in Arion
22.30 birthday party
00.00 go to bed
Friday 17
08.20 get up, breakfast
08.45 doctor at Duivendaal
10.20 shopping, computer, laundry
12.15 lunch with girlfriend
14.00 computer, guitar maintenance
14.30 laundry, cleaning, Pulse
15.15 fill in questionnaire, collect book
16.00 watch a film, computer, play guitar
18.15 cook and eat
19.30 watch Trainspotting
21.00 have a beer, listen to music with friends
22.00 watch a performance at the Overkant
01.00 to bed