News - October 14, 2004

Street festival

The mayor’s office of the town council confirmed last week that the street festival held at the end of the introductory week should not have taken place in the Biotechnion. The event took place outside regular opening hours, there were too many people present and permission had not been requested in advance. The confirmation is part of the formal procedure required by the fire brigade, which intervened when it became clear that there were about 400 students in the technical hall of the Biotechnion. The fire alarms had been disabled so that they would not go off during the final act which involved a lot of fire. The event was moved to the Biotechnion at the last minute when it became clear that rain would prevent the street festival from being held outside. Jeroen Rijnierse, a member of the AID committee, remarked that the event went off without incident: a careful choice was made of which smoke alarms to disable, and the fire brigade did not disturb the event. The fire brigade, CAID and university representatives are holding discussions to decide in advance on a suitable alternative location in the event of bad weather next year. / JH