Nieuws - 26 mei 2011

Straight to Ahoy

Who? Dominique Eissing, sixth year student of Nutrition and Health
What? Lead singer with Ceres band Funked-up
Why? The band won the Intercorporaal Song festival (ICSF), in which Dutch student society bands compete, and performed in Rotterdam's Ahoy arena last week

Wow, in Ahoy!
'Yes, cool, huh? It really was exceptional, especially considering we have only existed in our current form since December. The song festival was our first gig together, and then we won first prize. Outrageous. And our second gig was in Ahoy at the student ball, Bal 11.'

How many people were there?
'Well, it can take 9,000 but I guess there were 2,000. Pity it wasn't full, but we still got a kick out of it. And after us came Guus Meeuwis.'

What did you play?
'We only had 8 minutes. First we did a short medley and then of course our own number, De Beat van het Bestaan.'
And the ICSF will be held in Wageningen next year?
'Yes, and then all the student societies will come here. We expect around 1,500 people, a massive event. We are not sure yet whether it will fit in our own clubhouse, and we might have to move it to Ede or Arnhem. A committee is now being set up to sort all that out.'