Nieuws - 10 mei 2007

Still twenty geraniums left

VHL students in Wageningen have sold nearly one thousand geraniums to raise money for a good cause. The 850 euros will go to a school in Bangladesh.

‘We’ve still got about twenty plants left,’ says Fouad Lakhal, one of the fifteen first-year students of Agri Systems Management and Regional Development. The project was part of the business management competence. The students grew geraniums from cuttings and sold them in student complexes in Wageningen. ‘In retrospect, some things could have been done better,’ said Lakhal. ‘We had problems transporting the plants from the greenhouses to the sales points. But we are satisfied because we will donate the money to a school in Bangladesh through the charity organisation Moments of Joy. We hope that the proceeds next year will also go to a good cause.’