Student - December 1, 2015

Still no new bike route Tarthorst

Roelof Kleis

The Wageningen city council has extended the choice for a new bike route through the residential area Tarthorst. There are still too many ambiguities.

The uncertainty was created by the Mayor and City Counsel Members themselves, last week. After the choice was made for a new route on the north side of the shopping centre in the district, the alderman Han ter Maat (Stadspartij) more or less took it back. He clearly kept the options open for the current southern route of the shopping centre.

With that the alderman reacted to the criticism of the district. Especially the two primary schools in the Tarthorst anticipate problems if the students and the school children have to use the same bike route, as would be the case with the northern side route. In the city council the opinions are also divided.

This division caused the city council to extend the choice on the hot topic. They will wait with making a decision until the expected bike traffic network has been discussed. The route through the Tarthorst is an important element of this. It is expected that this new plan will pass in the spring.

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  • Claus Pauwper

    Ookal is de route via Dijkgraaf langer kan zij aantrekkelijker gemaakt worden.
    Ten eerste: Voorrang voor fietsers richting de Campus bij kruispunt Dijkgraaf.
    Ten tweede: Een supermarkt of kiosk langs de route.