Nieuws - 18 augustus 2011

Staying at a temporary city camping site?

Who? Tom Rijntjes, third-year Applied Communication Science student
What? Project coordinator for SIFE (a group of entrepreneurial students)
Why? SIFE is working on an emergency camping site for students on an undeveloped site.

What is the idea?
‘There is a large site behind the fire brigade's barracks with enough room for eighty caravans. We will be setting up a temporary camping site until Christmas where students can stay cheaply. At the moment it is covered in weeds a metre high.'

Is that allowed?
‘Well, we need to install sanitary facilities and possibly water, gas and lighting. On top of that, an undeveloped site doesn't have an address and we need to arrange waste removal. And lockers would be handy.'

Those are substantial obstacles.
‘We have been talking to the municipality and they are incredibly enthusiastic about the plan. The idea is that we will open at the start of the academic year. But everything will have to go well then.'

Who will manage the site?
‘There will be a team of managers who will do odd jobs and collect the rent. I want to live there as well because I'm fed up with my room, and then I would become the point of contact for the student campers.' NM