Nieuws - 15 december 2011

Start made on FrieslandCampina building

FrieslandCampina launched the construction of its new Innovation Centre with fireworks and confetti on 13 December. The dairy company’s new R&D centre housing 400 researchers is going up on the Wageningen campus.

The Innovation Centre will consist of 7,100 square metres of office space and 4,600 m2 of laboratories and rooms for use for tasting tests. There will also be a trial factory and an Experience Centre, where staff and visitors can taste and smell products. According to board chair Cees 't Hart, the R&D centre should lead to new products so that more added value can be obtained from the milk the cooperative produces. FrieslandCampina will rent the building from Hurks Vastgoedontwikkeling.
The original plan was for the FrieslandCampina CEO to strike the first pile during the festive launch, but there were still cables in the ground under the building site, and nobody knew what they were for. The cables will be removed over the coming days. 'If Wageningen suddenly suffers power cuts, we'll know why', joked the master of ceremonies.