Wetenschap - 1 februari 2001

Sports day: new people, new sports

Sports day: new people, new sports

The International Sport Fun Day for international students took place early last Sunday morning. Not many people showed up but those who had made the effort were enthusiastic. Table tennis and badminton were the most popular sports.

Taking a break in the canteen, Song-Bin Chang from Taiwan surveys the scene: "It's a good day to make new friends, as you can see." Jordi Veras Cartas from Spain thinks it is certainly worth organising a sports day: "It would be good to have one after the exams with Dutch students as well, or with outdoor sports in the summer." They are all disappointed that there are so few participants. "But everyone went to graduation parties last night," says Chang. The Italian Isabella Cattani comes off the squash court: "This is a good day to do something like this, because Sundays can be so boring. But it shouldn't start so early." Her opponent and fellow countryman Dario Gezo is still panting from his efforts. He has used the opportunity to try some new sports. He has spent three hours doing unihockey (indoor hockey), badminton and squash. "Squash was the best," he declares and signs up immediately to play next week.

Suzanne Lommen