Nieuws - 16 mei 2011

Sports centre gets new extension this year

De Bongerd Sports Centre will have a fitness hall twice its present size from January 2012, a separate area for thirty indoor bikes, and an additional activity room with a mirror wall.

The building extension will enclose the climbing wall.
The plan to expand Sports Centre de Bongerd is ready. Construction work is scheduled to begin this autumn to the left of its entrance, where the walls of the squash courts and the windows of the fitness hall are.  Across this entire breadth and height, a space of seven metres deep will be added. The fitness hall will get so much extra space on the ground floor and in the new area that it will be twice as big as it is now.
Mirror wall
The extension will also comprise two rooms, each about 80 square metres big, on the ground floor and one level higher. On the higher level, there will be a permanent location for indoor bikes. 'In this way, we don't have to carry them in and out every time', says sports centre manager Henri ten Klooster. The room below will have a mirror wall and will be furnished for multi usage, so that courses such as salsa, capoeira, yoga, pole fitness and TRX-training can be conducted in it.
Courtyard garden
The climbing wall, which is now situated behind a fence on the outside of the building, will be incorporated inside the extension, like in a courtyard garden. The exterior finishing of the extension will be larch, an indigenous wood type which now also bedecks the new building of RIKILT. Solar panels and a green roof could not fit into the available budget.
'This form of expansion brings out the best in functionality', says Ten Klooster. 'It's even better perhaps to have an extra floor above the changing rooms. But then we would have to close entirely for several months, since we would have to drive piles through the changing rooms.' Ten Klooster expects that the extension will enable the centre to accommodate about 130 more people during peak hours. 'This should see us through the next five years.' He is therefore very pleased with it.
Sports association Thymos, which approached the executive board last spring because of space shortage, is also pleased, as far as the extension is concerned. 'It will be good for individual sporters and small events such as our racket tournament', says chairperson Carly Janssen. 'But this will not benefit our inhouse competitions. There is still a lot of juggling with available space in the big sports hall, such that we have to, for example, shorten the training sessions of student sports clubs. To accommodate the rapid growth at the university, there ought to be a second hall.'
Ready for Christmas
A renovation licence has been applied for. If all goes as planned, the contractor will start work in mid August and the extension will be ready by Christmas. The extension will cost almost nine hundred thousand euros. Included in this sum are purchases of new equipment.
When the area between the Forum and the sports centre is more developed, there will be a tree-lined bicycle path from the Leeuwenborch via the sport park to the Orion and the Forum.