News - July 5, 2007

Sports card price rise

Sports cards will cost more next academic year. The price rise is in response to the Executive Board’s wish to bring the price more in line with the real costs.

At 59 euros, the sports card for WU and VHL students is still the cheapest in the Netherlands. Wageningen UR employees will pay 155 euros from September, a rise of 17 percent. The year after, the price of a sports card will rise to 200 euros for employees, still only half of what it would cost at a commercial fitness centre. Partners of employees and of students will pay 209 euros this September and 247 euros the year after, against 132 euros now. The separate fitness card will disappear. A survey was made of sports facilities so that Van Hall Larenstein’s contribution could be calculated, as has been done for other facilities. The expenditures for sport were then compared with those of other universities. Wageningen UR’s expenditures were relatively high. In addition, 3.4 million euros has been invested in the university sports centre (USB) in the last five years, while prices have hardly risen.