Nieuws - 14 april 2010



Dutch people love sports. I do not know even one who doesn't do at least one sport. Still, doing one is nothing.

Doing one is nothing
Doing one is nothing. It is like brushing your teeth daily. But, if you do two sports it shows that you are a person of strong will. If you do three sports it shows that you are versatile and highly motivated. I leave it to your imagination what someone can become in the eyes of Dutch people by doing more than three sports...
You can see Dutch people jogging, cycling, roller-skating, walking, kayaking, climbing, fishing, etc. from early morning until late at night. Numerous fitness centres are filled from opening until closing time. What's more, on a daily basis you can hear about another competition that was attended, is coming up or is planned in future... Therefore, the agendas of Dutch people are adjusted strictly to daily training, and upcoming sport-related events.
But that's not all! No, no, no! Sport is a solution for health problems, broken heart, low motivation, poor social life, bad addictions, and whatever else comes to mind! Really, there is nothing for a Dutch person that cannot be solved by doing sport!

From a rational point of view, I am glad that in my home country (Poland) sport starts to mean as much as it does in the Netherlands. From a personal point of view, I know that (1) even if I take up five sports, it will not help me to quit smoking; and (2) if it rains I will always choose to come to work by car!/Iza Witkowska, PhD Horticultural Supply Chains