Nieuws - 31 oktober 2012

Split within VeSte

Two student council members have left the VeSte student party. The two separatists are the Chinese students Shaoyang Xu and Yingying Zhang. Surprisingly, the split has nothing to do with different views on policy issues. The two students felt the drinks events and evening activities had too much of an impact on their private lives.

The VeSte party with Yingying third from right and Shaoyang fifth from right
VeSte had decided it was going to have more of a presence this academic year at informal gatherings such as 'constitution receptions' (for new committees). All the members have to do their bit. The two protested but gave the new regime a chance. In the end they decided it was having too much of an effect on their performance during the day. 'I have led an extremely regular life for twenty years,' says Yingying. 'I can't get my biorhythm to adapt to this.'
VeSte thinks it is a pity that the two are leaving the party. 'I think we had a good discussion beforehand about what is expected of you as a party member,' says Anneriek Simons. 'But apparently I find it more self-evident that you need to be flexible about when you get your rest. I have no problem with the occasional six hours of sleep.'
The students did not part company acrimoniously and they will continue to collaborate within the student council. The two will carry on working in the same committees during office hours. But they will have more freedom to set their own course and adopt a different policy to that of VeSte.