News - January 28, 2016


You could climb a wall like Spiderman. But only if your shoe size was 145, say scientists at the University of Cambridge. Not an option for humans then. The gecko is the largest animal to get around on sticky feet. For larger animals it is an evolutionary impossibility, the experts tell us. Scientific proof at last: Spiderman does not exist.


The Romans invented the toilet, the bathhouse and the sewer. But it didn’t make them any healthier, British archaeological research suggests. The number of gut parasites around went up instead of down. Possibly because human faeces were used as manure on the land.

Pet dates

Success on the marriage market increases considerably if you have a pet, says an American study of singles. One third of the women and a quarter of the men in the survey said they found prospective partners with pets more attractive. Dogs score especially highly. Two reservations here: the respondents all had pets themselves. And the study was sponsored by a pet shop chain. 


The average American house in the vicinity of North Carolina State University contains more than 500 different insects, showed a thorough scrutiny by local scientists. Mind you, many of these insect are dead and are brought in by the residents. We have a lot of house guests, apparently. Hurrah for biodiversity!