Nieuws - 26 januari 2006

Speed skating

The second-year student of Forest and Nature Conservation, Mark Ooijevaar, has become the national student allround speed skating champion. After the first 500 metre race at the NSK allround championship held on 19 and 20 November in Nijmegen, Ooijevaar was not in the lead but was still relatively pleased with his time: a half second above his personal record. ‘I’m not as comfortable with the short distances and I didn’t feel that well at the start.’ Thanks to the demands of his study and his nomination for Wageningen sport person of the year, he hadn’t had enough time to recuperate from a national competition the weekend before. But he still won the other three distances. He even improved his best performance in the 1500, 3000 and 5000 metre races. ‘I always get a bit better at the end of the season. And I go a little bit faster every year,’ says the 22-year-old Ooijevaar. ‘The long distances suit me the best. I also skate in marathons sometimes, but I like allround skating the best because of the excitement and because you have to be a well-rounded skater.’ / YdH