Nieuws - 1 november 2012

Space race

Nice stunt by Dropbox: the company launched a competition to see which university has the most users.

And the price is a capacity expansion of 3 Gb for all the users at the institution. Delft is still a mega-user. At 11,720 votes (70 percent of the students!) the university is top in the Netherlands and fifth worldwide. Are Delft students so desperate for space or is this the work of a crafty programmer?
Profielen, the magazine of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, is electing the ugliest educational term. The editors have trawled policy papers to draw up a list of 100 examples of vague and hideous jargon. Some examples (in translation): profiling transparency, action rule, centre of gravity formation. You can vote for a top ten at Our favourite was knowledge valorization. Barf.
Loneliness is all between the ears, discovered UCL researchers recently. Lonely people have less grey matter in the part of the brain for social perception. Whether this is inborn or acquired the researchers could not say. But fortunately there is a remedy: an app for training your social skills. Of course you could also join a nice (student) club.
Twitter and Facebook are more addictive that nicotine, alcohol or sex. According to research from the University of Chicago, that is. The researcher got 250 people to report for a week on how badly they longed for a beer, a cigarette or a social network. They reported via a Smartphone. Which couldn't possibly have affected the results.