Nieuws - 7 juli 2011

Soy protest

Around ten students held a protest yesterday afternoon outside the Albert Heijn supermarket at Stadsbrink. The group was protesting against the genetically modified soy products the supermarket has on its shelves.

The demonstrators demand fair trade from Albert Heijn
'Albert Heijn says its soy products are an ethical choice but there is nothing ethical about them', says 25-year-old Lize, an International Development Studies student. 'The large-scale production of soy is damaging to humans, animals and the environment. Look at the use of toxins, for example, or biodiversity, or smallholders who are being priced out of the market. Our campaign is aimed at raising awareness among consumers and putting pressure on Albert Heijn to stop this misleading advertizing.'
The supermarket staff let the demonstrators get on with their action as long as they did not stand too close to the entrance; that was land owned by Albert Heijn. One supermarket manager was even willing to listen to the arguments against unethical soya.
The demonstration in Wageningen was part of a national protest organized by ASEED.