Nieuws - 23 december 2011

Sower moves to campus

The administration centre will move to the Atlas building next week. Two art works will follow in its wake: the Sower and the Seven Food Jars.

Artist impression of The Sower on the campus
This was announced yesterday by CvB member Tijs Breulink when he bade farewell to the old administration centre.
The art works will be situated along the artistic trail on the campus. The trail comprises sculptures from old Wageningen UR locations, such as the metal rose from De Dreijen.
The 'Seven Food Jars' will be relocated to the path which runs between Forum, Atlas and the new Orion building. The field in front of Atlas will be the new home for The Sower. Its third abode. The statue was unveiled in 1926 at the former main building on Heerenstraat. It was brought to the Costerweg at the start of the nineties, and from there, to the campus of today.