Organisation - November 2, 2017

Soundbites: no more ceremonies in the Aula. How do you feel about that? (video)

Linda van der Nat

The university wants academic ceremonies to move from the Aula to the campus. This would mean no more orations or graduation ceremonies in the city centre. Is that a shame?

When the Aula is fully occupied, it does not meet the fire safety requirements. Furthermore, the services are outdated: there are no good catering facilities, for example. It is possible that some of the promotional or graduation ceremonies will still be held in the city centre, but most of them will move to the planned Dialogue Centre.

Soundbites asked students and staff about their opinion.

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  • Ashley

    I think it's a shame. It was quite something walking down the the aisle behind the pedel,knowing that I was following in the footsteps of countless other PhD candidates that had done exactly the same, both recently and many, many years ago. You can feel the history in that building. The churchlike atmosphere of the aula also adds to the experience, it wasn't just another large room. It's also a shame from a practical perspective, for the 4pm defenses it was quite easy to walk from the Aula to the reception/party venue in the center.

    But times change, and nostaligia alone can't be a reason to keep things the same way forever. Over time new PhD ceremony rituals will develop in the new building (but wish they had given it a better name)and the Aula experience will be forgotten. It would be nice if they put some thought into the design of the room for defenses, and not just another boring conference venue type room.