Nieuws - 13 januari 2011

'Soon we'll have to play in front of thousands of people'

Who? Hans Vermunt, third-year International Development Studies student
What? Has formed a band, 'De Langstudeerders' (the lengthy study students), together with two other students.
Why? Is taking part in the national students' union protest song competition.

How did you get the idea for your entry?
'We composed the song for the demonstration in Wageningen in December. I said as a joke that we needed a protest song. Before I knew it we had one. Peter van Kampen had finished the first version of the text by the following morning. That was one day before the demonstration.'
What happened next?
'That day, we were sitting in Leeuwenborch brainstorming. Coincidentally, Thijs Slijkhuis was there too and he had good equipment for making recordings. The song was on tape before we knew it.'
You might be allowed to sing your song at the demonstration on 21 January.
'Oh, that's not definite. All of a sudden we were singing in front of five hundred people in Wageningen. But we don't even have a band. So if we win we will have to do something about that, as then we would have to play in front of thousands of people with all the associated media attention. I'm not going to start anything yet as it might turn out not to be needed. But I hope we'll hear soon.'