Nieuws - 4 oktober 2001

Solution in sight for international housing crisis

Solution in sight for international housing crisis

The university is still looking for housing for new arriving international students. 28 foreign students and guest researchers have been told that the university has no room available, and have been asked to postpone their stay.

Wageningen University expects to find a temporary solution in the form of the John Snow House, a former laboratory near the entrance of the Dreijen complex. The laboratory will be empty after the last researchers leave the building by the end of October. It could provide emergency rooms for thirty international guests. The John Snow House has 24 rooms, most of which can be used as student rooms after small alterations.

In October SSHW was able to give 75 people a room, but that still left 28 people homeless. The chair-groups where those people wanted to start their study-programme were told by the central student administration that there was no space available. Some chair-groups managed to find a room anyhow, but several people had to postpone their stay in Wageningen.

Joop Begemann of the student administration says that he has 40 applications for a room in November. SSHW is likely to have only 13 rooms available. Begemann hopes that the John Snow House will be ready before the end of November, providing a temporary solution. In February the housing problems will certainly be over as a large number of MSc students will graduate at the end of January. The university is looking for ways to avoid housing problems in the future and will ask SSHW to reserve more rooms for international students.

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