News - February 16, 2011

Smoke and siren at Forum

Young political groups are shouting from the roof-tops this week in Wageningen. At noon today, Rood, the Socialist Party (SP) organization for the youth, took action at the Forum. With a siren and fireworks, the young socialists sounded warnings against the present cabinet.

The protest action from Rood had slightly irritated some passers-by.
In the run-up to the Provincial Council elections, other youth parties are also making their presence felt. On Monday, a kick-off reception was held by the Young Democrats, of the Dutch social-liberal party Democrats 66. Yesterday, Dwars Wageningen - a young Green Left party - was set up. This was initiated by Mies van Aar, placed fifth in the provincial elections.
This is good news for young politicians in Wageningen, says Chris Verwij, the chairman of Rood Wageningen. 'There is enough political interest and now, there is somewhere you can channel these into.' This second year student of molecular life sciences attracted attention this afternoon to his protest against the cabinet with fireworks and a siren. 'A red signal, a fist clenched against Rutte', he calls it. 'We want leftist voters to head for the ballot box and it would be best of course if they vote for the SP. Because this election will determine the Senate, which can block the bad laws from the Second Chamber, or call for a good second discussion.'
To rescue higher education, Rood would cooperate with other leftist parties whenever possible. 'But we prefer action to discussion', says Verweij.