News - June 2, 2005

Sixty grants for ‘new’ Europeans

Wageningen University will shortly have sixty study grants to distribute among students from EU candidate countries and a couple of EU neighbouring countries.

The university has been selected to provide courses in Environmental Management. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a total of 1.7 million euros available under the Matra programme for social transformation. The aim of the programme is to promote ‘safety, cooperation and the transition to a pluriform, democratic, constitutional state’ in future EU member countries and their neighbours.

The grants, worth 28 thousand euros per student, will enable thirty students to start a two-year master’s in Environmental Sciences in September. A similar number will also start the year after. The university will be able to recruit and select students in cooperation with the sending institution. Bert Boerrigter, administrative worker for international education: ‘This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to recruit students from these countries, and to make contact with institutions there.’ The countries involved include Ukraine, Belarus, Jordan and Morocco. / JH