Nieuws - 10 februari 2011

Single rate grants ditched for now

The size of the grant given to students who run student organizations is to remain means-related next year. The student council got its way for now.

The student council strongly opposed a fixed rate for all students who do management work. They consider it unfair as it disadvantages students on full grants. Last Tuesday, the students conferred with rector magnificus Martin Kropff about the 'FOS', or financial support for students. They demanded that the proposed measure be withdrawn.

And a day later, it was withdrawn, says student spokesperson Luuk Brinkman of the student council. 'After a subsequent discussion on Wednesday, we concluded together that a fixed contribution
was not the solution to all the paperwork the FOS entails. Our arguments were listened to. The fixed rate has been taken out of the proposal.'

But this is not the end of the affair. Students and universities together are going to take a look at how the administration of grants for students taking on management posts could be simplified. Working with fixed rates was one of the options on the table. But for the coming year at least, the grant from the university will still be linked to the size of the student grant.
However, a new formula will be used for distributing the grants across the various societies. It is a much simpler system, says Brinkman. Societies must apply by 1 April. There is a total of 550,000 euros to be shared: an amount that has stayed the same for three years. In the consultations between the students and the university, thought will also be given to what the new rules on extended studies could mean for the distribution of the grants.