News - March 16, 2006

Shower habits

Students living in Droevendaal and the Bornsesteeg shower more than the average Dutch person. That is the conclusion of a survey carried out by Environmental Sciences students in Wageningen. But the Droevendaal inhabitants use significantly less mains water than other SSHW tenants. Two weeks ago Wb carried an article about a research project of Master’s students in Urban Environmental Management. They concluded after conducting interviews that the students living in the Droevendaal and Bornsesteeg complexes shower a lot. The conclusion caused quite a few raised eyebrows, for Droevendaal inhabitants are known for their environmental awareness. When the current accommodation was renewed this was taken into account and each living unit has a grey water system in which rainwater is collected and used for the toilets and washing machines. It is therefore hardly surprising that the use figures from accommodation office SSHW for 2004 show that Droevendaal uses the lowest amount of mains water: an average of 25 cubic metres per person per year. For other SSHW complexes the figure varies between 34 and 60 cubic metres. / HB & JH