Nieuws - 19 april 2012

Shower Time in Ede

I sprinted silently, well as silently as a hippo can, towards Jonna's room. Entering without knocking I grinned at her. My Swedish friend was curled up comfortably on her bed and looked slightly worried at my unannounced entrance.

'They're singing, they're singing, they are, they are! Come, come on, now' I gasped. Practically grabbing hold of her we both ran to the shower rooms. Pressing our ears up against the shower room door we started to laugh silently, so as to not be heard.
Jonna gave me an evil grin "Come on we have to go in". We waited for the voices to hit a high note before opening the door and sliding in. As we stood in the middle of the shower room we could distinguish three strong confident Brazilian voices, one male voice, Paulo, who seemed to be able to hit the soprano notes easier than the two girls Natalia and Tati.
Trying not to laugh out loud, we were taken aback when Paulo's shower door flung open. He stood before us, still singing, but, oddly, not looking surprised at our presence. The two girls were still in their showers and Paulo encouraged their singing. He even got them doing some Whitney Houston impressions.
Jonna and I decided to surprise the two girls, hiding in the remaining shower until we heard them exit theirs. They were chatting with Paulo for a while. I winked at Jonna - they say great minds think alike - and we burst out of the remaining shower to serenade them all with the chorus of 'All by myself'.
Jonna and I doubled up laughing at the look of surprise and shock on their faces. We have fun in our corridor and I now intend to join the 'International Ede Shower Choir'.