Student - February 1, 2015

Short news

Eyes shut
Eye witnesses at a crime scene remember more details if they close their eyes, found a study by the University of Surrey. Witnesses who closed their eyes answered one quarter more questions accurately. So don’t hesitate to close your eyes now and then during an exam. ‘I’m thinking!’ Won’t do much for you if you haven’t
revised, of course.

In vitro meat

American researchers (at Duke University) have succeeded in growing human muscle tissue from stem cells. A big step for medical science. And for the in vitro meat industry. The first human burger could just be a matter of time. And taste of course.


Want to discover some new species? Visit a museum. Bruno Massa from Italy discovered four new species of cricket in European natural history museums. One had been waiting to be discovered for 100 years. Captured, stored and forgotten. According to Massa there is much more biodiversity waiting to be dusted off and identified.


Mountaineers from hierarchical societies reach the top more often. On the other hand, they meet their deaths more often too. These findings have come out of an analysis of Everest expeditions. Mountaineers with a great respect for authority are more likely to follow their leader blindly without questioning his or her decisions. Obedient to the last. Or to the top.