Nieuws - 27 juni 2013


If you have trouble with sums, a little zap may help, according to an Oxford study. All that is needed is one milliamp (if properly applied), a fraction of the current you get from an AA battery. Zapped people do sums two to five times faster, and they are still 30 per cent faster six months later. So go figure what an entire battery could do!

Staying up
Staying up all night has a strange effect on men. An American psychological study on sleep deprivation shows that a lack of sleep affects men's judgement, resulting in risky and immoral behaviour.  Men with sleep deprivation are more likely to think women want to have sex with them than fully rested men. So imagine what happens when you combine sleep deprivation with alcohol!

Bee sperm bank
'If you press gently on the belly of an adult male bee you squeeze out its sperm, which you can catch in a mini-tube.' An American scientist wants to use this method to collect sperm from the strongest European bees. She wants to cross-breed them with the strongest queen bees in the US.
Longest erection
A 44-year-old American truck driver had an erection for eight months due to an operation that went wrong. The poor man could no longer dance or ride a motorbike. He was also unable to pick anything up from the ground and his family didn't want him visiting them. The man hasn't made the Guinness Book of Records (yet): it says the longest erection was more than 34 centimetres.