Student - 15 maart 2016

Shared living room pilot in Bornsesteeg

Linda van der Nat

Student housing organization Idealis is creating a shared living room for the residents of a corridor in Bornsesteeg. This is a pilot that will last until June.

In the coming four weeks one room in the corridor of 6A will be converted to a shared living room. It will be a place where residents can eat, watch television or just chat together.

With this adjustment Idealis wants to meet the wishes and needs of her tenants, says spokeswoman Hellen Albers. ‘The Bornsesteeg is a student building with independent rooms. There is no common space in each corridor, while in surveys it was found that students do desire such a place.’

The pilot will last  until June. If the reactions are enthusiastic, also other corridors will receive such a shared living room, according to Albers. If also other complexes will receive such a shared living room, she cannot say. ‘We want to make our current properties appealing for the future and so we will also review the options for other complexes.’

The sacrifice of one room per corridor also has consequences for the rent: the service costs are shared by less people and also the basic rent will increase. However, existing tenants will not notice the difference, according to Albers. ‘For new tenants we will increase the costs. But also then we will keep our appealing price-quality ratio in mind.’