Nieuws - 15 augustus 2011

Shared kitchen in new student housing

Student housing providers will build more communal student homes with one front door, several rooms and shared facilities. In so doing, they are breaking away from the building trend in which student apartments have their own bathroom and kitchen. This is reported today in the Volkskrant.

This daily newspaper spoke to Vincent Buitenhuis of Kences, the national knowledge centre for student housing providers, of which Idealis is also a member. Construction of more communal living quarters is more attractive for corporations because these housing providers have to incur regular costs for independent apartments. The rent subsidy often makes independent living cheaper for students than renting a room in a shared property. But Buitenhuis does not expect any problems: 'First and second year students prefer to live together with others.'
Kences is discussing a plan of action with Donner, the Dutch Minister of Internal Affairs. The corporations have made a pitch for four to six rooms behind one front door, which - according to Buitenhuis - is a very popular layout and also practical should the demand from students subside. He rules out the comeback of the student-flat of the seventies, such as the star-flats  in Wageningen.