Nieuws - 31 augustus 2010

Sex advertisement in student handbook

An advertisement in search of female students wishing to earn pocket money by providing webcam sex is found in an information guide for students. The guide is to be distributed too in Leeuwarden, Wageningen and Arnhem.

The questionable advertisement in the student information guide.
'Earn money talking dirty' reads the headline of the advertisement in which female students are offered a part-time job for 24 euros an hour. Erotic webcamming and telephoning are easy and nice to do, says the text. The advertisement appears in the Student Information Guide which will be distributed in 25 student towns, including Wageningen, Arnhem and Leeuwarden.
The newspaper AD reported last Saturday that an advertisement in the introduction guide of the Leiden University of Applied Sciences encouraged students in Leiden to take up an erotic part-time job. The applied sciences university stopped distributing the guide and made it known that not it, but Mediadam B.V., is its publisher.  This Amsterdam publisher distributes the guide to first year students of universities and applied sciences universities in more than twenty student towns. The questionable advertisement appears in all the editions of the guide. In the meantime, Avans University of Applied Sciences has also distanced itself from the guide after receiving complaints. It appears that the guide has not been distributed at Wageningen University or Van Hall Larenstein.
At night
The various editions of the guide contain regional information and advertisements. The Leeuwaarden edition also carries a foreword by the mayor, Crone. 'Acquire a lot of knowledge, experience and inspiration, broaden your horizon and enjoy student life', he advises the students. Another contributor is the mayor of Arnhem, Krikke. One of the issues she touches on is that students don't have to feel lonely, not even at night.
Other organizations which have also contributed content to the guide include student organization ISO, union FNV, internationalization organization Nuffic and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Director Angelo Grooten of Mediadam comments on the advertisement: 'We thought that it would pass muster.' He does have regrets about the text submitted by the advertiser in which girls talk about the nature of their work. 'That has slipped our attention.' ® HOP, AB