Nieuws - 13 mei 2004

Setting the record straight

In the article entitled 'Passport problems' in Wb 14, students who are waiting for their extension of the residence permit and are about to leave the country, are led to believe that they will receive automatically a letter from the IND which they could show to the airport police. This is not the case, according to the Central Student Administration.

The article assumes that employees from the IND in Zwolle are not aware of the situation in Wageningen.
The reality is that the IND in Zwolle has taken over the administration of the residence permit extensions from the Foreigners Police in Arnhem and the waiting period is longer than usual due to this reorganisation. They are very aware of the fact this delay is causing problems for some of our students and are trying their best to assist us as much as they can.
All foreign students will receive a letter from the Central Student Administration with information about the extension procedure and solutions for travelling in and out of the country while waiting for an extension of the residence permit.

Guido van Hofwegen