News - September 1, 2005

Serving food for a good cause

They are familiar with fundraising, the people from Sierra Leone who live in Wageningen. ‘But normally we cater to raise money for people back home,’ says MAKS student Foday Conteh. This time though, they helped raise money for a local cause.

They regularly collect money for the Wecare Development Foundation (WDF) that supports long-term, stable and viable economic and social development in Sierra Leone after a decade of devastating war. Sunday 28 August, for a change the Sierra Leoneans sold fried rice, chicken, rice cakes and meatloaf to help raise money for the ‘Dreamhouse’, a local initiative to create a home for handicapped children. Students from other countries including China and Indonesia were also present with stands.

Visitors paid for drinks and food with special tokens they had to buy at the entrance. Judging by the full tables in front of the stand, the spicy dishes from Sierra Leone went down well. ‘We adjusted the food a bit to cater to Dutch taste,’ commented Conteh as he served up food. He thinks it’s a good idea to accommodate handicapped children together. ‘They can share emotions and play with each other,’ he says, reflecting on his experience of war in his home country. The market in the Arboretum included cultural displays of song, dance and a fashion show, as well as activities for children; it was an initiative of the local branch of the Rotary Club. A total of more than 7,000 euros was raised during the afternoon. / YdH