Student - 1 oktober 2015

Seriously Sustainable Week

Roelof Kleis

The sustainability day on campus is expanded to Seriously Sustainable Week. A week including films, debates, workshops and food.

The national sustainability day is next week Friday. But in Wageningen it will be from Monday to Saturday. According to Kavin Venner from Green Office diverse aspects of sustainability will be highlighted. ‘Not only ecological sustainability, but also economic and social sustainability. All these themes are related to each other. You cannot view them separately.

The kick-off on Monday will be in sign of economic sustainability with a lunch debate in Forum about ecosystem services and pricing nature. The week will end on Saturday with a clothing SWAP in the Heerenstraat Theatre and workshop in Loburg about for example a second life for ‘your boyfriend’s t-shirt’.

In the meantime there are a variety of workshops for example sign language (Tuesday, Thuis), the film Dirt (Wednesday, Forum), finally being able to have a look in the mysterious eco-village (Wednesday) on the terrain of the previous Pieter Pauw Hospital, or you can date
(Friday) in the Ommuurde Tuin near the Oranje Nassau Oord.

The highlight of the activities on campus is on Thursday. During the whole afternoon there will be a sustainable market in Forum where Wageningen UR will bring attention to their sustainable business. Part of the information market is also a volunteer market where local volunteer organizations will present their supply and demand.

During the lunch time the Green Teacher Award will be issued to the teacher that best integrates sustainability in their lectures. ‘The Green Teacher Award was inspired by the Teacher of the Year elections’, explains Venner. Ten selected teachers will be put in the spotlight. Each of these ten will be interviewed. The answers of these interviews will be
incorporated in a little book that will be presented.

The Seriously Sustainable Week coincides with the ‘Eerlijk Winkelen Week’ (Honest shopping week) in the centre of Wageningen. Wageningen counts 41 shops that sell fair trade, organic or second-hand items. During this week there will be a pop-up shop in Hoogstraat 15 in light of Honest Shopping.

Reacties 2

  • Z-bedrog

    Wellicht goed om te weten dat alleen bedrijven die betalen in de lijst "eerlijk winkelen" staan, en dat er geen controle plaatsvindt (kijk de lijst maar eens na). Zo wordt de "eerlijke" consument weer eens bedrogen.

  • Anne Walther

    Beste redactie,

    Het "Weed Dating" vindt zaterdag plaats!