Nieuws - 22 december 2011

Serious Request big success in Velp

The fundraising activity 'Serious Request' is in full swing at Van Hall Larenstein in Velp. More than 1700 euros have been contributed to charity.

The 'aquarium' in the auditorium of the applied sciences university is converted into a Glass House  (with a live connection). Up to 8 pm this evening, VHL lecturers and employees will play requests in return for a donation.
'The mood has been set,' says Judith Pierik, one of the initiators of the fundraising activity. 'Classes are being held as usual but you can see that the auditorium is filled with lecturers and students during the breaks. The music really draws people here. Right now, a pretty big group of people are watching.'
An auction will also be held this afternoon. Up for bids will be plant handbooks, deer horns and cup cakes, and also 'services'.  Pierik: 'For example, you can bid for a day's help in the garden from the Larenstein gardeners or for the cleaners to give a good cleaning up to your student house. The various departments can also bid for the management; Ellen Marks, for example, could do some work behind the reception for an hour.'
Nice tradition
Velp has also set up a video connection with the VHL locations in Wageningen and Leeuwarden. 'In Leeuwarden, the Osiris student society is also very busy with all sorts of activities and donations. It's nice to see how enthusiastic everyone is. Some lecturers have already taken their holiday leave but return today specially to request a number. This could be the start of a nice tradition,' adds Pierik.
The Velp Glass House had hoped to collect 1500 euros for charity with its activity, but expectations have in the meantime become higher. 'I think that we will be able to reach 2500 euros.' The donations will be brought to the 'real' Glass House in Leiden this evening.