Student - February 1, 2018

Separate door in Atlas for Green Challenge students

Linda van der Nat

Students participating in the Green Student Challenge have their own entrance so that they can work on their project 24/7.

Last week a path was created and card readers were installed at a new entrance on the ground floor. As of next week, students can work here on their sustainable urban greenhouses. The students will initially have five areas; once the Environmental Sciences Group moves in April, a large lab will also become available that the students can use as their workplace.

The separate door was needed to give the students the opportunity to enter Atlas at any time, explained coordinator Rio Pals. 'Because the students are often working on this project in addition to their own course of studies, they have to be able to be here on Saturday evenings as well. But the rules prohibit us from making the entire building accessible.’ Moreover, it’s nice for the students to have their own, visible entrance. ‘Otherwise they have to enter via an upper storey or via the bike stalls in the basement,’ Pais added.

The Student Challenge will be housed in Atlas until mid-summer, after which StartHub will move to Atlas. In 2019 these student entrepreneurs will move to the newly planned Plus Ultra 2.