Organisatie - 24 april 2014

Secretaries get own netWURk

Roelof Kleis

From now on, Wageningen UR’s secretaries have their own network: netWURk. The new club was launched last week on National Secretaries’ Day in the presence of a hundred secretaries and executive board member Tijs Breukink.

Wageningen UR has around 270 secretaries, from personal assistants and executive secretaries to secretaries who serve an entire department, chair group or institute.

The aim of the new club is mainly to enable them to make use of each other’s expertise and experience. An important aid is therefore the teamsite, a new website containing all kinds of useful information for secretaries, from manuals, meeting rooms and workshops to announcements, photos and a diary. The forum is a key element in the site.

We want to act as a point of contact and to be consulted
Anneke Bammens

The netWURk is an initiative by seven secretaries from Facilities and Services, AFSG and Rikilt. Spokesperson Anneke Bammens (F&S) was surprised by the turnout. She says the new club is more than just a get-together. ‘We want to act as a point of contact and to be consulted, for example when they are about to buy new software. We’d like to give our opinion on the matter.’

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  • Wytske Dijkstra, oud-voorzitter VWI

    Beter laat dan nooit, mijn hartelijke gelukwensen en veel succes met het netWURk!