Organisation - March 15, 2016

Second sports hall still not finished

Liza van Kapel

The opening of the second sports hall which was postponed to February, was delayed again. It is unsure when the hall will open, according to Henri ten Klooster, head of the sports centre De Bongerd.

Photo: Sven Menschel

The construction is delayed due to an accumulation of problems, Ten Klooster shares. ‘We constantly found new problems.’ First the sound permit was not correct, then the gas pipeline needed to be redirected. The time between the request for the redirection and the actual work, took 18 weeks longer than expected. Because of this delay the roof, that had to be in place before the winter, is still not closed.

Due to drying periods the temperatures now have to be above 6 degrees for a longer period of time, and with the current low temperatures in the mornings and evenings this is not the case. Only then, the builders can continue. ‘We only need one good week, then we can finish the roof and we can continue. Then I can predict when the sports hall will be finished. Until then, I do cannot predict anything yet’, Ten Klooster explains.

To make the new sports hall affordable, the price of sports rights were increased from 74 to 84 euro per year. Next academic year another 10 euro will be added. Arguments for the split increase was that students and employees could use the facilities this academic year. Refunds will not be given, says Ten Klooster. ‘In comparison with other universities the sports rights in Wageningen are still a lot cheaper.’

The delay does not affect the exams around 5th of May. Now that these cannot take place in both sports halls, everything will be moved to the sports halls of De Vlinder. Since the school is then on holiday, it will be used less and thus there is enough capacity to receive the exams of both sports halls. The 5th and 6th of May will thus remain exam free.

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    Waarom wordt meteen die vergelijking gemaakt met de andere studentensteden?