Nieuws - 15 september 2011

Second in Holland for equine knowledge

Last Sunday Janneke Nagelhout won second prize in an exciting final of the Knowledge Quiz of the Dutch Equine Knowledge Centre, KNHS. She competed against two other horse-lovers in the under-25 category and her achievement won her the privilege of taking home bright orange KNHS jacket.

'I had my eye on the jacket', says a glowing Janneke proudly at the Horse Event in Deurne. With 650 contestant, it was already quite an achievement for a student of Equine Studies & Management at VHL to be in the top three, and second place was more than she had dared hope for. 'I was very nervous beforehand, because there you are, standing up there, and you have to prove yourself. Luckily the questions were not very difficult, because I recognized them from the quiz I had done online', says Janneke.