Nieuws - 3 juni 2004

Sciences Groups have resulted in more managers with high salaries

The number of Wageningen University managers with a high salary has grown considerably according to the figures in the draft Annual Report 2003.

In 1999 there were 28 managers in salary scale 13 or higher, but by 2003 that had risen to 44. The big rise in well-paid management jobs happened in 2002 when the administrative staff of the Sciences Groups were reorganised. The rise in big earners is not confined to the University. The number of Wageningen UR staff that earn more than 68,000 euros a year doubled between 2000 and 2002. In 2000, 3.8 percent of the men and 0.5 percent of the women earned more than 68,000; in 2002 these figures rose to 8 percent of men and 1.1 percent of the women.

Dr Dick Verduin of the union for university personnel (VAWO) was not aware of the development but is not surprised: “We warned the Executive Board that this was likely to happen with the reorganisation of the Sciences Groups. It happened at the same time as the reorganisations in the head office and at facilities management. We said at the time that it was important to take all the processes into account, but the Executive Board did not listen, which is a shame, given that their aim was to reduce bureaucracy.”

The Executive Board has not yet responded to the figures. “We have not yet analysed the figures in this way,” said spokesman Simon Vink. Jolanda Reintjes, who is heading a project aimed at reducing overhead costs, says she is working on a survey of administrative personnel positions in the Sciences Groups. This will be ready in the summer.

Korné Versluis