Nieuws - 30 september 2009

Schaminée to get Prince Bernard Culture Fund Prize

The Wageningen professor Joop Schaminée will be awarded the Prince Bernard Culture Fund Prize for Nature Conservation 2009. Schaminée has many books on vegetation ecology to his credit.

Schaminée: The prize shows that our work is visible.
Schaminée is endowed professor of the Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group in Wageningen and endowed professor of Aquatic Ecology in Nijmegen. He was the project leader and chief author of the 5-volume 'National Vegetation Classification of the Netherlands' (De Vegetatie van Nederland). Early this year, the last three books in the series with extensive coverage of 'European Nature in the Netherlands' were brought out. These three books describe the Natura-2000 areas in this country. Schaminée advises the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality on how to designate and demarcate these areas.
Schaminée (1957) is 'happy with the prize'. 'It's good for the entire group I'm in. It shows that our work is visible.' According to the jury, Schaminée has succeeded again and again in getting the outside world interested in his projects, and in passing his findings to people who can use them. This vegetation professor was also in the news recently with his discovery of two Rhus plant varieties, one of which is a new type. Schaminée together with his Nijmegen teacher Professor Victor Westhoff were present right from the start of the Dutch Society for Phytosociology (Plantensociologisch Kring) and its journal 'Stratiotes'.
50,000 euros
Joop Schaminée has worked for Alterra and, before that, its predecessor the Dutch Institute for Nature Management for twenty two years.  He studied biology in Nijmegen and graduated cum laude. This Culture Fund prize is awarded once in three years, and brings with it a sum of 50,000 euros, at least three-quarters of which have to be used for work in Schaminée's field. The award ceremony will take place on November 4 in the Concert Hall in Amsterdam (Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ).