Nieuws - 29 november 2012


A fraternity from Leiden student society Quintus has been suspended and fined by the society's board. Why?

As part of the hazing ritual for new members, four of them had to run down a Leiden shopping street in nothing more than shoes and the fraternity tie. But the punishment has prompted more commotion than the streaking itself. Incredible that the board is upset by such a prank, says one ex-board member. 'It is not the fraternity that sullies the society's and the university's reputation, but you yourselves, with your narrow-mindedness.'
Full moon
The idea that psychological problems occur more when there is a full moon is a myth. Canadian researchers found no link between the phase of the moon and appeals for psychological help at the A&E departments of Montreal hospitals. We still don't know whether we have to watch out for werewolves though.
Another myth: if you really want to know someone, look them in the eyes. In practice, we don't do that at all, shows research at the university of Santa Barbara. To get the measure of someone, we look between and just below the eyes. The eyes as mirror of the soul? It's the nose, stupid.
With Wageningen's 750 th anniversary approaches in 2013, it's a good moment to delve into history. But in an up-to-the-minute fashion, with WikiWageningen ( Everyone can chip in with their stories about the city and its inhabitants. In Dutch only, unfortunately. With illustrations in the inimitable house style of Henk van Ruitenbeek. Typical Wageningen.