Nieuws - 14 november 2013

Savoury pancakes

One day I was going to have dinner with a Dutch friend, and he suggested we have pannenkoeken.This was a very unusual idea for me because in Mexico we normally only have them for breakfast. But I liked to do something different.

He bought the pannenkoekenmix, a box with a powder in it which makes the pancakes surprisingly easy to make. You don’t have to add eggs, milk or butter like I am used to doing. Just water, so there is no big mess in the kitchen. He made the first pancake and asked me if I would like bacon or ham on it. I couldn’t believe it. He saw how confused I was and he told me that is the normal Dutch way. Of course I tried it out and we put some ham and cheese on mine, and amazingly it was very tasty! For the next one, I chose some apples and cinnamon.

In Mexico, pancakes are always eaten with sweet things and never with cheese or ham.

We can buy freshly made pancakes in the markets and we have them with milk caramel, jam or condensed milk. There is a famous man in Mexico city who sells pancakes with animated movie characters. My favourite is a Mickey mouse pancake with bacon on top. Dutch people have this special taste and originality with their pancake flavours: savoury, sweet or why not a little bit of both? 

Elizabeth Montes, MSc student of Food Safety from Mexico 

Hartige pannenkoeken

Elizabeth Montes ging op een avond eten met een Nederlandse vriend, en hij stelde voor om pannenkoeken te maken. Een ongebruikelijk idee, vond ze, want Mexicanen eten ze alleen voor ontbijt.
De pannenkoekenmix maakte het wel erg makkelijk. Geen eieren, melk of boter, alleen een beetje water. Geen troep in de keuken. Maar toen de vriend vroeg of ze liever spek of ham wilde, was ze nog extra verbaasd. Nederlanders hebben toch een bijzondere smaak: hartig, zoet en waarom niet allebei tegelijk?