Nieuws - 8 februari 2011

Same degree title for all students

Secretary of State for education Zijlstra agrees with the Veerman commission: students of applied sciences should soon be allowed the same Bachelor’s and Master’s titles as those on theoretical courses.

At present graduates of Dutch applied sciences institutions are just 'Bachelors' while those at universities are "Bachelors of Arts' or 'Bachelors of Sciences'. The same distinction is made with Master's degrees. Zijlstra wants to get rid of this differentiation to avoid causing confusion abroad.

However, the applied sciences institutions must not go so far as to call themselves universities abroad without adding 'of applied science'. This is thought to take the Dutch system a step closer to that of countries in which the status of a qualification depends on that of the institution that awarded it.
It comes as no surprise that the differentiated titles are to disappear. In the coalition agreement of the present government it was agreed to implement the Veerman report. The biggest stumbling block had already been overcome: after years of cavilling the universities finally voted in favour of ending the difference in degree titles last April.