Nieuws - 25 augustus 2011

SSR-W has most first year students

Student society SSR-W bids welcome to 175 new members. It has more new registrations than Ceres and KSV.

The number of registrations is a record high for SSR-W. 'Gosh, you wake up after partying and find out that there are 175 new members in your student society!!! In my year, there were 40...' twitters SSR-W member and ex-student council member Martijn Kuller.
One of the three biggest student societies in Wageningen, SSR-W has succeeded in getting the most first year students, thanks to these 175 registrations. According to a member, Ceres has 171 registrations before its society introduction period (VIT). AT KSV Franciscus, 129 new students have signed up. 'They are very enthusiastic people, each and every one of them', says a committee member of the society. 'We prefer quality to quantity, and we are therefore very pleased that we are able to rope in these AID people.'
The figures are still preliminary ones. After the VIT, which will take place this weekend for most societies, it will be known for certain how many students have actually registered with the various student societies.
SSR-W must have thrown a big party yesterday to celebrate its big haul of new members; no-one was available for comment.