Nieuws - 3 maart 2010

SP and housing


The Wageningen SP (Socialist Party) election paper contains demonstrably false information about Idealis, the student accommodation provider in Wageningen and Ede.

It is very rare indeed for me to respond in public to statements by politicians. However, now that deplorable falsehoods are being alleged about our organization in an SP election paper, I feel I have to refute them.
Chris Verweij, number 3 on the SP list, writes in the SP paper: 'Student accommodation organization Idealis focuses too much on new target groups and on making a profit. The facts about new target groups: Idealis does not focus on new target groups at all; instead, it remains true to its task of building and managing accommodation for undergraduates and PhD students. Not only is that what it says in our business plan (, it is also reflected in our day-to-day operations. Idealis is putting a lot of effort into building additional accommodation for the growing student population. There are specific projects due to be completed in a few months and at the end of next year, providing housing for about 400 students in total. There are also plans in an advanced stage for adding another 600 student rooms. So we are still concentrating on students, not focusing on new target groups. The facts about profit: Idealis is a social accommodation provider and therefore does not aim to make a profit - indeed, it has making a loss for years (see the Annual Report on Of course we do try to balance our budget.
Then the most objectionable falsehood: 'our third man, a student without a room', as the Wageningen SP calls him. 'He also started studying in Wageningen this year. Unfortunately he still has to travel there and back every day because he hasn't been able to get a room.' The facts: Verweij has been living in Idealis accommodation on the Marijkeweg since December 2009, incidentally after he had first turned down a room offered to him on the Haarweg.
Hans van Medenbach, general manager/director of Idealis Wageningen.